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Personal Injury Claims

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Personal Injury Claims

While over 95% of claims are settled without the claimants having to attend court, the following cases have gone through the courts and could serve as examples of the level of damages awarded. 

However, please bear in mind that the awards made in the personal injury claims below are particular to the circumstances surrounding each of the cases and should not be taken as applicable to your claim. You should always obtain the advice of a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor regarding any specific claim. To speak to a firm of experienced Personal Injury Solicitors simply telephone our confidential Helpline on 0800 01 53425.






Payne v Baker

Road Accident Victim finally awarded 1,088,000
High Court - June 2003


Two decades after a road accident and nine years after first being awarded 532,000, Gareth Payne, finally received 1,088,000 in agreed damages.

Payne, from East Sussex, was 12 when he was knocked down in April 1984 - as he crossed Battle Road, close to his home. He sustained a fractured skull and subsequent brain injuries that have left him unable to work and needing constant care.

In April 1994, Payne was awarded 532,000 at London's High Court the case went to the Court of Appeal.

In November 1995 judges overturned the 1994 award, and ruled that Payne should have received more for his lost earnings and the case was sent back to the High Court for reassessment.



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Personal Injury Claims


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Personal Injury Claims