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Personal Injury Claims

Have you been injured in an accident?  And sustained injuries? We are here to help when you need some assistance. Simply call our confidential Freephone Personal Injury Claims Helpline on 0800 01 53425



Personal Injury Claims



Why should I use a solicitor? Do I Need a Personal Injury Solicitor?

You should only instruct a solicitor. All solicitors practising in England and Wales are regulated by the Law Society and must have Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect their clients.

Only a solicitor can issue court proceedings and brief a barrister on your behalf. When you contact, you will have a selection of specialist firms of personal injury solicitors to act for you.

And furthermore, since the implementation of the Access to Justice Act 1999, there is no reason for you not to instruct a Personal Injury Solicitor to act for you in your personal injury claim. This is because the Act allows qualified and competent solicitors to claim all their costs back from the insurance company of the party responsible for your accident. This allows a Free Legal panel solicitor to offer claimants a free service.  



" Injury victims entitled to compensation are being failed by "ambulance-chasing" claims firms, according to a Citizens Advice Bureau report."


Our personal injury claims service is available throughout England and Wales
If your injuries make it difficult for you to travel to their offices, the solicitors would be be pleased to arrange for you to be seen either at your home or at hospital. 


Personal Injury Claims


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Personal Injury Claims