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No Win - No Fee .... Explained in Greater Detail

Some Historical Notes
In simple terms, before 1st April 2000, if you signed a CFA, apart from paying an insurance premium to protect you from paying the other party's legal costs and our expenses, you did not have to pay anything if you lost your case. However, if you won your case, you would then pay the solicitor a "success fee" to reflect the risk that your solicitor had taken in conducting your case without any other form of funding. This is usually paid in the form of a percentage deducted from your compensation.

However, from 1st April 2000, the law in this area changed significantly and any insurance premium paid and any "success fee" which has been agreed to be paid can be recovered from the other party in the event of a successful claim. As a result, solicitors appointed to work on the panel are prepared to act for clients without charging a fee. In a successful case they would recover their costs from your opponents or their insurers. This means with FreeLegal, you get to keep 100% of your compensation!

And because the law now allows your solicitor to claim back the legal protection insurance premium back from your opponents - your solicitors are able to arrange for insurance cover as well. Again, you do not pay for this insurance cover - it is funded and your solicitors simply claim back its cost from the Third Party insurance company. So, in the rare event that you lose your case you do not have to pay anything for the work that has been done or for your opponents' costs - the insurance policy protects you from these costs!