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How long will a claim for personal injury take to settle?

Most accident claims can be settled within 12 months. Clinical negligence claims usually involve more complex considerations and often take longer to be resolved. 

An important factor is the doctor's prognosis. As part of damages is paid to compensate you for pain, suffering and loss of amenity it is crucial that, before settling the claim, your doctors could be sure as to how well you would recover and how your future lifestyle would be affected.

If you are going to be left with permanent disabilities, these have to be taken into account in the final award.

In many cases it may be many months after the accident before your doctors can advise with any degree of certainty as to how well you would recover. A settlement ahead of an accurate prognosis might lead to you being not fully compensated for your injuries.

Some Personal Injury cases can continue for several years but that does not always mean that the claimant will have to wait until the end of the case before they receive any money from the claim. In order to avoid financial difficulties and/or to pay for necessary equipment or care whilst waiting for the injuries to stabilize, your personal injury solicitor might be able to obtain an Interim Payment. This is an advance payment on account.

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