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Have you been injured in an accident? You are very welcome to contact us even if you haven't made up your mind about claiming - there is no obligation for you to proceed. We are here to help when you need some assistance. Simply call our confidential Freephone Helpline on 0800 01 53425 or just email us some brief details of your accident by completing this simple Personal Injury Claims Form


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At we have a select legal panel of specialist personal injury solicitors (covering the whole of England and Wales) to act for you for free. The personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation for your injuries and any financial loss you have suffered - without any cost to you. This is essentially a FREE personal injury claims service for you because the solicitors undertake to claim all their fees and costs from the other side - from the insurers of the party responsible for your injuries. There is nothing for you to pay - win or lose. This is a much better service than "No Win - No Fee" as it is a "No Fee, Win or Lose" service.

And because we are not a claims management company,

  • your claim will be handled by specialist Personal Injury Solicitors - not by unqualified claims managers.

  • your solicitor will be a carefully selected personal injury specialist experienced in your particular type of accident.

  • the personal injury solicitors are all members of the Law Society.

  • you are protected by the Law Society's regulations.

  • although the solicitors will not invoice you, you are their client and you communicate with, and instruct your solicitors directly - not via unqualified claims managers.

To speak to a firm of personal injury solicitors simply telephone our Helpline on 0800 01 53425 (0800 01 LEGAL) or click on this personal injury solicitors contact form link to complete a simple enquiry form to provide the solicitor with details of your accident.

Please be assured that you are under no obligation to proceed with your personal injury claim by contacting us. Client satisfaction is very important to us - and to the personal injury solicitors. We would like you to speak to the solicitors first - and be completely happy with the advice given before you instruct them to act for you. Upon being instructed, the solicitors would act for you in the usual solicitor-client relationship governed by the Law Society's regulations. The only difference is that you do not have to worry about your solicitors' bills!

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Types of Personal Injury Claims:

Car Accidents

Motor Bike Accidents

Accidents at Work

Tripping Accidents



News: 06/12/2007

Forklift Truck Accidents

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), forklift trucks were responsible for about 2,000 reported incidents in 2006, including 7 unfortunate deaths. The HSE is advising that companies operating forklift trucks must carry out Risk Assessments to evaluate danger, and employers must ensure that they properly assess the risks involved in the use of these vehicles and take appropriate actions to prevent injury. They must also provide adequate health and safety training for any employees operating these forklift trucks. The vehicles could be a danger to their operators and to other people in the vicinity if not operated properly and with great care.

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